Johnny "100 watt" Jones

Johnny "100 watt" Jones

Lead Vocals & Guitar

Musical Background:
Spent time traveling the South and Southwest with Satyre out of Austin TX. Moved to Hollywood CA and had stints with original acts Passion, Risk and later Bad Dog in Huntington Beach CA. Moved back to the Twin Cities and supplied Vocals/Guitar for 'Stormtrooper, Dr Zihn, Paragon, Drive King, Sally Be Nice and original act BarC.
When not playing your favorites with 100 watt jones, Johnny also writes performs and records with original act Hot Rod Rodeo.

What I do for real work:
Parking meter change sorter, part time tea leaves reader

My loving wife Karen

Favorite food:
Anything Macro-biotic with soy protein and a non dairy flavor additive

Favorite band:
Toadies, Cry of Love, Eagle of Death Metal

Favorite musical experience:
Two of them: 1. Being voted best lead singer at two different keg parties! 2. Being told by my band instructor Mr. Munkholm that the guitar is a melody and not a percussion instrument

Favorite quote:
“This reverb setting will make you sound just like Bob Plant!”



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